Nuclear mass distribution

  1. Hi.

    This may be a trivial question, but I'm unable to find a definitve answer.

    How is the mass on a atomic nucleus distributed?

    I read somewhere that it was uniformly distributed, and somewhere else that it resembled a normal distribution. Can you help me out?

    Thank you.
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  4. And according to the most correct model how is the mass distribution like?
  5. mfb

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    Roughly uniform in the center, and then relatively sharp edges. Apart from halo nuclei, but they are exotic and not long-living.
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    And of course many nuclei are ellipsoidal rather than spherical.

    If you use a harmonic oscillator potential, then the single-particle wavefunctions will resemble Gaussian shapes (like a normal distribution). But that's an unrealistic feature of the harmonic oscillator potential.
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