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Nuclear Materials

  1. Jan 30, 2015 #1

    Is "Nuclear Materials" an area with good expectations? I know that materials are very important for nuclear civil: reactors lifetime, safety and performance, but I'm not sure to what point this a good prospects subject, when compared with other nuclear related domaines (safety, radiation protection, reactor physics...).

    I've found a Masters in this subject ("Nuclear Materials Synthesis, Ageing and Characterisation" more specifically) and I think i want to do a PhD as well afterwords. I want to make sure it will not be a subject that will narrow my choices for the future.

    Hope you guys can give me some orientations!!

    Thank you in advance
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    Quantum Defect

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    I have known people who have done Nuclear Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering PhDs. This seems like it is a very cyclical area with booms and busts, at least in the US.

    I suspect that this area will be important, as we diversify our energy options, but I am not sure I would bet significant sums of money (or my future) on this, given the history.

    You may be better off studying something more generic.
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    The problem is, predicting the future in the nuclear industry as far as three years ahead (minimum for a PhD) is very difficult. If the US starts to build new plants then there will be a desperate need for all sorts of technical subjects related to nuclear. If they don't, then the US isn't going to need many.

    On the other hand, how is your Mandarin? If you were fluent in Chinese and liked the idea of moving there (about which I have quite a few deeply contradictory emotions) then you should know China is building 28 new power reactors right now, and expects to continue building them for quite some time.

    But other countries? Well... Your crystal ball is probably as good as mine.
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    Thank you for your answers :)

    Well, if it can be useful, i'm portuguese but i'm currently studying in France. Here there are a lot of things when it comes to nuclear; but well, it's the " booms and busts" that make me hesitate. However, i'm really willing to go wherever in order to work, I would even prefer it (to Canada, USA, Brazil...).
    And more, I would like to know what a scientist in Nuclear materials does exactly. I can know more or less what would be a job of a Nuclear safety engineer, but not so much for a nuclear materials one.
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