Nuclear medicine, total energy, dose in rem

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    I cant seem to get this started in the right direction. Any help is appreciated.

    As part of a treatment program, a patient ingests a radioactive pharmaceutical containing P32,15, which emits beta rays with an of 1.50. The half-life of is 14.28 , and the initial activity of the medication is 1.34 .

    Part A
    How many electrons are emitted over the period of 7.00 days?

    Part B
    If the rays have an energy of 705 keV , what is the total amount of energy absorbed by the patient's body in 7.00 ?

    Part C
    Find the absorbed dosage in rem, assuming the radiation is absorbed by 110 grams of tissue.

    First I converted all times to seconds.

    T 1/2 = 1.234e6 s
    t = 7 days = 604800 s

    Converted activity (RO) into decays per second = 1.34e6

    Found N from A-Z = 17

    Found decay constant (lambda) = ln(2)/T 1/2 = 5.617e-7

    Equations I have tried with no success are N=Noe^-(lambda)(t)
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