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Nuclear Physics sum query

  1. Aug 27, 2011 #1
    (NOT HOMEWORK)Hey guys the question in the text book goes like this:
    Q) It is found that alpha particles with a KE of 7.7MeV bounce back off an aluminium target. If the charge of an aluminium nucleus is +2.1*10^-18C, calculate the velocity of the alpha particles(mass 6.7*10^-27kg).

    http://www.rcnuwc.org/hl-answers/chapter7.html" is how the sum is solved (the first part, ignore the second part of the sum which I haven't posted).

    MeV is converted into Joules and not left as MeV. But MeV is the unit of nuclear energy right. So because it is on a 'nuclear' scale is why we use the 'Joule' for the KE formula, since Joule is a a larger quantity suited to the formula? or just because 'simple' energy(non-nuclear) is in joules. I'm looking to know which of the assumptions is right. Thanks guys!
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