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Nuclear Physics text book

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    Any recommendations???, i'm also hoping for a book that i can find online...
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    Hyperphysics site is definitely great, it contains whatever u need...But i'm not sure if it satisfies me...

    The topics:
    constitution of the nucleus(following the path of earlier models, till the figure we've got now),natural radio activity, artificial nuclear disintgration, artificial radioactivity, nuclear reactions...
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    I used Cottingham and Greenwood's "An Introduction to Nuclear Physics" as a reference in a particle physics class....not bad to start and a decent amount of mathematical rigor.
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    I used "Nuclear physics", S.M. Wong, in my undergraduate course, but didn't like it at all. There is also a book from Krane (I guess it's the same title?), but I haven't read it.
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    The book I used in for my undergrad nuclear physics course was Krane's Introductory Nuclear Physics (1988 edition). Big brownish/maroonish book. I thought it was a reasonably decent book for the undergrad level, and very readable. I still refer to it every now and then.
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    Thx a billion...

    I know someone who might have these books...
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    I like Preston's books "Physics of the Nucleus" and his Nuclear Structure one. They not as shallow as Wong's while still pretty introductory.
    Of course, I still think Blatt and Weiskopf is still really good but it doesn't really cover shell model or structure in any detail.
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    John Wood at Georgia Tech is currently working on a book of his own. If EVERYBODY doesn't e-mail him at once you might be able to acquire a preprint, but I'm not certain.
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    I found Wong and Green, but i'm not comfortable with them, i've difficulties gettin krane..

    Our prof has recommended Kaplan's for radioactivity only, and then he said it's not that good in many other parts anyway...And afterwrds he also recommended Goschol's...

    There are still a few stores left, mayeb i'll find something there...

    It's easier to order a book but here they charge me a lot for any shipment coming from abroad...
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