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Nuclear Physics

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    My Nuclear Physics class this semester is using the textbook my professor wrote. It is out of print, and with good reason. Can anyone recommend a suitable undergraduate Nuclear Physics textbook which covers most of the basics at a reasonably advanced level? Looking at the usenet booklist Krane looks good, but I used Krane's Modern Physics last semester and had mixed impressions.
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    We use Modern Physics: Taylor, Zafiratos, Dubson.

    I really like this book overall. Most of the material is written in a way thats very clear and easy to understand. My only real complaint was how they handled the Hamiltonian operator in the Schroedinger equation (though that's not an issue with the nuclear physics portion). They tried to keep the Schroedinger equation as simple as possible, but in so doing made it appear more ad hoc and difficult to understand (our professor more than made up for this in class, so it wasn't too bad a problem, but I still think the text was lacking in that regard). Actually, the text does this a fair amount, it keeps a lot of things more simple that it needs to, however the Schroedinger equation was the only time that I felt that it seriously detracted from the level of understanding and insight. Chapters 16,17,18 deal specifically with nuclear physics.

    A caveat: Taylor's book is about double the price of Krane's I see on amazon.
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