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Nuclear physics

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    Please tell me what is the quadrupole deformation of a nucleus???
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    Perhaps this will help with the discussion.

    Quadrupole deformation - Moller Chart of Nuclides

    Is one familiar with nuclear quadrupole moment?

    Electric Quadrupole Moments of Nuclei


    Giant Resonances: Nuclear Structure at Finite Temperature

    Download this document - http://personal.ph.surrey.ac.uk/~phs1pr/lecture_notes/nuc_expt_phr03.pdf
    and look on page 40 or (43 of 225).
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    I m new in this forum . I m also study in Nuclear Physics.now I confuse about scattering matrix unitary,could u explain me.I m so weak in numerical technique.:cry:
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    Meir Achuz

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    The quadrupole moment measures deformation from purely spherical.
    An elongated shape (like an American footbal) has a postive quadupole moment.
    A squashed shape (like a pancake) has a negaive quadrupole moment.
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