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Homework Help: Nuclear Potential

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    Hi, I have a question I really need the answer to this immediately please please help me I am really stressed out:

    Question = A nucleus contains Z protons which on average are uniformly distributed throughout a tiny sphere of radius R. Find the potential (relative to infinity) at the center of the nucleus. Assume that there are no electrons or other charged particle in the vicinity of this bare nucleus.

    Please if someone answers and explains it to me I will worship them. Please help!
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    We can not help with coursework unless you first show some effort yourself. Please read our forum guidelines.
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    What can I do I am new to this topic and don't know much about it.
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    Then maybe read the lecture notes and the book once or twice again. Then you do an attempt to solution, and write down all relations that you know of.

    You just have to find the electric potential at the centre of a uniformed charged sphere of radius R with charge z times the proton charge.
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