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B Nuclear Power Plant

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    So I need some help verifying this information.(I had to dumb it down, for the younger ones) -

    The Nuclear Fission process is started when the Nuclear fuels rods are submerged in coolant water to moderate the Nuclear fission process. When the Fuel rods are put close together this sets of a Nuclear fission. The Control rods are used to contain the Nuclear fission. The control rods are raised to increase energy output and are lowered to decrease energy output. The Nuclear fission naturally has a heat output. The heat is used to generate steam. The steam is used to turn a steam turbine, which turns the Industrial grade generator. The industrial grade Generator produces electricity which gives power to whatever they are diverting it to. Some of the electricity is siphoned off to use as power for the power plant.
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    Welcome to PF
    It all depends on who your target audience happens to be.
    The basis of the fission reaction is that the neutrons from one nucleus cause a chain reaction as they hit other nuclei.
    The action of the moderator is to slow the neutrons down and to increase the probability of collisions and, thus, the chain reaction; that's a sophisticated idea but important. The control rods adjust the rate of the reaction by absorbing the neutrons. etc. etc.
    Water is not always the coolant and nor is is always the moderator. Many combinations have been tried.
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