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Nuclear reaction energy transfer

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    Ok i have a question that I've been wondering about for a while here...
    One of my chemistry professors stated to the class that E=mc^2 means that energy is transfered through light, sound, and heat. Now i was under the impression that 1, heat is light... and sound was simply particle movements.
    Now im confused as to exactly what happens in a nuclear bomb. You see light... you see sound waves (detect)... and theres the big fireball (and I also want to know what exactly that fireball is on a molecular level). What determines how much energy is dispersed for each mechanism and exactly what kind of energy is being transmitted in the first place?
    Kind of a confusing question... because im kinda confused :)
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    It's a rather complicated process, I would suggest that you might find


    interesting. Especially the following section

    There is much more, I just thought I would quote some of the relevant section to aid you in seeing if you were interested in reading the whole article.
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