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Nuclear reactions

  1. Mar 13, 2008 #1
    calculate the amount of energy released in the fission of a U-235 nucleus.
    Masses of the particles:
    U-235 = 234.9993u

    what i did was i used delta E=mc^2, where m is the mass of n...which is 1.008.. and i get 1.5x10^-10... why is this wrong?/
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    The energy given off is the mass difference between the original U and the total of the decay products.

    U235 = 234.9993
    Ba+Kr+n=140.883+91.905+1.008 = 233.796
    difference = 1.203 then just E=mc^2
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    delta E=1.795x10^-10J....is this answer correct?
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    i got it:)...the answer is 2.82x10^-11J.
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    If you did the arithmetic correctly!
    Typical U235 fission is around 200Mev or 3E-11J but depends on the exact breakup products
    with U235->Ba + Kr you would normally get 2 'extra' neutrons so your free energy is only about 0.2u
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