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Nuclear research reactors

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    Hello to all, i need some books, papers, related to nuclear reactors for research (e.g, classification , applications, spread worlwide, etc). Any sugestions are welcome. Thank for help!
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    Here's the internet: get going and good luck!
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    do you kidding me?
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    I do not kid you. You seem able to do some basic research on the subject. You obviously have an internet connection. If your efforts turn up some information which you do not understand, we would be happy to try to answer your questions. However, you should show some initiative and make at least a cursory effort at gathering some information.
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    Why do you think that i dont search? I have some papers but not sufficient. Perhaps someone know an better source of information, or books, etc.
    Please delete my thread
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    Try looking up TRIGA reactor. Then go on from there.
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    Look in www.iaea.org, they have tonnes of documents, some from research reactors.
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    What resources does one have?

    There are many types of research reactors, e.g., 1 W reactors for simple experiments to 1 MW reactors to several MW. Academic institutions would have low power reactors, while national labs and some research organizations have multi-reactors.


    http://www.nrg.eu/hfr-repair/high-flux-reactor/ [Broken]
    http://www.nrg.eu/nuclear-services/news/item/?tx_ttnews [Broken][tt_news]=54



    The Halden reactor accommodates instrumented fuel rods in fuel assemblies and some special loops. It is provided some fundamental experiments since the 1960s, particularly those experiments measuring fuel centerline temperature. I've used quite a lot of the experimental results in my work.

    The Osiris reactor has been used extensively for ramp testing, and it will soon be decommissioned as Jules Horowitz comes online.

    The HIFR reactor at ORNL is an interesting system, since it is so small - about the size of a washing machine.

    My university had a TRIGA reactor with which we did experiments. Each NE graduate student had to do a startup as part of the coursework.
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    What about nuclear reactors are you interested to know about?

    Fission or fusion reactors?

    About how reactors work in general?

    A special type of reactor like U235 reactor or bread reactor or thorium reactor etc?

    All kinds of reactors?

    Be more specific then it's easier to help.
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    I am interested to know about all type of fission (all type of fuels) research reactors (no power reactors): classification , applications, type, etc. I'm looking for a good course (or book) for students or teachers (if exist something)
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    too many types of reactors, you are supposed to search in www.iaea.org
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    I would suggest Fundamental of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Basically the book gives you the overview idea on the wide range of topics on nuclear sciences from te fundamental atomic/nuclear physics, nuclear reactions, the interaction of radiation with matters, detection of radiation and then in the middle part of the book it covers the about nuclear reactor.

    I think it's the book ever for those without any basic knowledge in nuclear engineering/science.
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    Thank you for suggestion, really this book is very useful
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    Is Fundamentals of nuclear science and engineering second edition slightly different? And also Is available free for download?
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    Not pretty sure about the 2nd edition, the one I have with me now is the first edition, been using it since I was an undergrads.

    And, U might want to try reading Nuclear Energy- An Introduction to the Concept, Systems, and Applications of Nuclear Proesses as well...

    And, if you want to go deeper into Nuclear reactor, perhaps you can try to look for Nuclear Reactor Engineering volume 1 & 2

    Well, you can try to look for any digital copies from the internet. You'll found it if you're lucky :)
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