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Nuclear scattering

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    I have trouble understandig nuclear reactions. Does anyone know some good scattering applets on a potential(of arbitrary shape;not 1D).

    I am interested also in discussing partial wave expansion. And if there exists an applet to show me how can I approximate a plane wave with spherical ones.
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    why do you concentrate on simulation applets ? You have a specific calculation goal ? MC simulations are usually quite heavy, thus it is uncommon to refer to them as "applet" :wink:
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    With an applet I can feel much better the physics.
    I found for example this simulation

    The actual calculation is done with DWBA, but in order to understand how DWBA works I must have a physical intuition prepared.
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    Oh yes, I agree that applets are very convenient to get a physical sens of what is going on. In the case of optics/electromagntism (which I am not an expert) the equations are failry simple and fast applets can be written down. But in the case of many-body nuclear interactions, I do not expect that you will find such an applet. I might be wrong, and I am aware of being of very little help :biggrin:
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