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Nuclear structure

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    What is hindrance factor?
    What does it indicate? If the Hindrance is very high? If its low?

    For eg. 103Rh (39.76 keV) E3 transition has got hindrance factor of ~400.
    What does this mean.

    The Hindrance is calculated using

    Theoretical Lambda(E3) / Exptl. Lambda (E3)
    Lambda(E3) -- > E3 Transition probablity.

    Theoretical value obtained frm the single particle estimates.
    Weisskopf or Moszowski single particle estimates.
    for E3 : 34(A^2) (E^7)

    exptl : 0.693 / [(t1/2) (1+Total ICC)]
    Total ICC - total conversion coefficient
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