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Nuclei and Radiation

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    Weak nuclear force runs radiation right?
    as far as i know it is because of quantum tunneling that particles can get out.
    if so, then does it follow the idea that if i watch it, it doesnt happen?
    for example shrodingers cat, if he watched the isotope, then is there a 0% chance that he dies?
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    Ok...sigh...here we go.

    First of all, the weak interaction changes the flavour of quarks.

    Secondly, only beta decay (and the electromagnetic interaction) is a (elektro-)weak interaction and it is NOT a quantum tunneling process.

    Alpha decay is a quantum tunneling process that can be fully described by quantummechanics. Beta decay is described by quantum field theory.

    Finaliter, do not attach too much value to this Schrödinger Cat type bull****. I mean, these processes will happen irrespective of whether you "look at them or not". These measurement-type problems are "generated" artificially because of some people's interpretation of the mathematical formalism behind quantummechanics. However, there are as much scientists saying that we should only hold on to the pragmatic view on QM, stating that : if it ain't broken, do not fix it.

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