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Nucleoside and nucleotide

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    The pathway of biosynthesis of nucleotide is commonly available in most text book, but it is a bit difficult to find out that of nucleoside.....

    I know nucleoside can be useful drug, and it also exist in living body, but for what ?? for making nucleotide ?? or it form just by dissociation from nucleotide ??

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    Nucleoside use for drugs are analogous to those used by organisims. Therefore, the analogous nucleoside will be incorporate into the genetic material. These are mostly used in HIV treatment. These drugs interfere with the production of reverse transcriptase synthesis. The idea behind using these drugs is that viruses synthesis is faster than that of human and human have better error-repair mechanisms than retroviruses. Side effects exist.

    http://www.niaid.nih.gov/daids/dtpdb/nucana.htm [Broken]
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