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Nuke Minor question

  1. Nov 19, 2016 #1
    If I major in math and minor in nuclear engineering. Can I work at a npp still? I would like to get a math degree rather than nuke degree just in case I want to work in the math field(no teaching).
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  3. Nov 20, 2016 #2
    Work in commercial npp look remote. You can have possibility of working in research reactor (but most of these are educational institutes). You develop your speciality in nuclear codes.
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    So there is not much work in npp anymore? I understand the EE and ME can be employed at npp but I wasn't sure about someone with a math major and nuke minor.
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    Yes, you can get a job. First off, there are more than engineers at nuclear power plants. Like any other business, it requires different areas of expertise. Further, with a masters in NE and bachelors in math, you can get a job as a nuclear engineer. Is it as easy as if you had a bachelors + masters in nuclear engineering? No, but it's still possible.

    Still plenty of work out there. It isn't the largest field in engineering for sure, but it's there, and possibly growing. An EE, ME, CE, IT, admin, etc. etc. can all gets jobs for a nuclear power company. Here's what I found with a quick google search: https://www.nukeworker.com/job/view...93u7rb4qhhd86s4&ref=34b15b337f7b5cce43722403b

    Education doesn't specify an engineering degree, and the experience could probably be waived with a masters. One thing that comes to mind, is you need to be prepared to move for a job.

    But why not just get a education in engineering, if you want to be an engineer?
  6. Nov 22, 2016 #5
    I would either like to be a mathematician or a nuclear engineer (not sure which yet). I figured if I got a BS in math and minor in NE that would be good enough for to swing both provided I change my mind. Other engineering fields do interest me as much as NE. Do you thing there might be a better solution maybe?
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