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Null Physics

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    I've seen this "Null Physics" book advertised in magazines like Scientific American (which is a rather shameful move on SciAm's part) and it basically seems like some guy's got some crackpot theory and is trying to circumvent any actual academic scrutiny that would come by publishing in a journal and is simply peddling it straight to the 'what the BLEEP do we know' type crowd.
    However, I am a bit curious. I can't seem to find any information about this theory (other then buying the book of course). Does anyone know anything about it (i.e. what the basis of the 'theory' and basically how out there is it).

    (I know this has been discussed before but there doesn't actually seem to be any information about it).
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    Ya I read that but I'm just a little curious if anyone can actually provide some substantive information on what its basis is and how it goes about getting 'proven' in the book.
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    P.S. I'm surprised there's not a Wikipedia article about it yet. This things been around for awhile.
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    I'm afraid that, as per PF rules, we cannot discuss material that has not been peer reviewed. Thus, as I'm sure you were expecting (judging from the result of the other thread) this thread will be closed.
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