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Nullcline definition

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    1) is nullcline defined properly here:

    in the discussion section, it is claimed the nullcline is n-dimensional, not just 2d

    if the wiki page is right:
    2) what is the general term for the zero solutions of an n-dimensional system?

    3) what are 1D and 3D zero solutions called? nullpoint, nullplane

    thank you,
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    I could never get that page to load, or even google's cache. I would prefer a text source anyway so that I can edit the wiki page and properly cite it. I couldn't find it in Strogatz "Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos". He says a thing or two about nullclines, but doesn't give a definition. The wikipedia page seems to actually rip a line off of Strogatz (who uses a 2D system coincidentally).

    But perhaps I'm looking in the wrong text book. Is their a more fundamental math subject that nullclines belong too?
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