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Nullspace of A transpose x

  1. Mar 20, 2014 #1
    What does ATx=0 means?

    Does this notation means if A = [3,2;1,2;4,4], then, AT = [3,1,4;2,2,4]

    and ATx [x1;x2;x3] = 0?

    The nullspace of the transposed of the matrix A?
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    This doesn't mean anything to me. I believe it should be written ATx = 0. ATx is the product of A transpose and some vector x.
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    What significance is there if a question ask if it is consistent or inconsistent?
    ATx = 0
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    My guess is they're asking whether the multiplication is defined. If x ##\in## R3, and A is as you have in post 1, then Ax is not defined, but ATx is defined.
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