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Number 666 Occurence

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    I've decided to add this as it involved a couple posts made on the https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=794&perpage=15&pagenumber=3" thread (beginning on page 3) that I'm afraid were going to get overlooked. It involves my 216th and 217th posts and the reference made to the number 666 (i.e., 6 x 6 x 6 = 216). I'll begin by reposting the two posts leading into post 216, and continue on into post 217 which, everyone seemed to bypass? Well let's see what happens anyway? And notice this is my 218th post (at least for the time being). If nothing else consider it FYI.

    Post 215 ...

    You're getting into semantics now. And yes, the Church is the defendant, in that you're asking it to "defend" its claims about God. Just as with the early Church, where people were sentenced to prison and put to death for "claiming" Jesus Christ was the "Son of God."

    FZ+'s reply ...

    Post 216 ...

    Did you know that the number 666 applies to The Reformation specifically? And that Babylon the Great Whore refers to the Roman Catholic Church? Hmm... 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 which, coincides with my "216th post" here. Just a coincidence?

    I've got more if you're interested. Except that I've gotta run! ...

    Boulderhead's reply ...

    Lifegazer's reply ...

    kyleb's reply ...

    FZ+'s reply ...

    Post 217 ...

    It's funny you should mention that. Because the route I was going to take today was blocked due to road work. So I had to take a detour, about three miles out of the way. Whereas I could just as easily driven another mile and a half and gotten onto the freeway which, is called Highway 217; it's also the way people normally take to get to my house if they don't know how to get there (without shortcuts). While now I realize I probably would have gotten there quicker by taking the freeway. A near miss you say? Well, here we are on post 217 ...

    As for the number 666, what it represents is two thirds, and hence the second of three degrees: the first being 0 to 333, the second being 334 to 666, and the third being 667 to 1000. Which would be about right, for if you portrayed a symmetrical cross, where the top, bottom, left and right (sections) were equal in length, then by adding "an extension" equal in length at the base, you would have these same three degrees portrayed by the height of the cross: where the first two degrees (666 and below) exist below the horizontal plane, or "cross beam," and the third degree (667 and above) exists above it. So in this respect the number 217 (as opposed to 216) would be similar to 667.

    While I've also come to understand there are three levels or degrees of spirituality that the "well disposed" spirit enters after death. The first corresponding to that which is natural (1), where one doesn't place a great deal of emphasis on religion or God, and yet has lived a fairly moral life. The second corresponding to that which is spiritual (2), where one places more emphasis on the religious aspect, and yet isn't altogether different "morally" than the first person. The third corresponding to that which is celestial (3), where one has developed both the religious understanding and, the morality to boot. For which reason this last state is the only "true state," whereby suggesting the nature of 666: everything that exists up to and below this state, but doesn't quite "make the grade" so to speak.

    I have another analogy which also describes the three levels here. It begins with the development of radio, where everybody can "tune in" and listen so to speak, but are unable to see what's being described (except of course through their imagination). Enter the development of black and white TV, now everybody can see what's being talked about, except that it's not the "true representation," as it's still subject to interpretation. Hence comparing with the number 666. Enter the develpment of color TV, now the truth is plain as the nose on your face and doesn't require any "further interpretion," whereby one is content with what they know and can still go about their daily business. Something similar is signified by the following:

    "But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more." (Jeremiah 31:33-34) ... Huh? ... No more sermonizing?

    Enter the Roman Catholic Church (1), a means by which to "subjugate the masses" (the natural mind) and standardize Christian Teaching. And yet being only the first degree (similar to the advent of radio), The Word is spoken unto the masses, yet in a foreign tongue (Latin), and no one is allowed to "see what it means."

    Enter The Reformation (2) which, along with the advent of the printing press, begins presenting the The Word unto the masses, in their own tongue and yet, in "black and white" (and hence 666): whereby it's still subject to interpretation because no one understands the meaning behind the words. Ever wonder why there are so many denominations to the Protestant Church? And they all express it in terms of "Our way or the highway" (in terms of black and white).

    Enter the one and only True Church (3), the church most are unaware of, as it doesn't postulate or sermonize, and pretty much goes about its own business. Which is funny because it was founded in the 18th century--hence corresponding to the Age of Enlightenment--and its founder, http://www.swedenborg.com/" [Broken], was in fact a scientist. Which actually makes a great deal of sense.

    Need I say more? ...

    A couple of books I recommend are Swedenborg's, Heaven and Hell, a real eye opener which delves into the nature of the spiritual world, as well as the Apocalypse Revealed, a verse for verse account to the book of Revelation. These are two of my primary sources by the way ... And here, Swedenborg's works are also theological in nature, and yet very practical in the way the concepts are presented. This might be the one for you FZ+!? ... Swedenborg's materials are available through the Swedenborg Foundation at http://www.swedenborg.com/
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    No thanks. In the area of theology and most philosophy, asking new questions is more useful than finding old answers.
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    Did I hear someone say "lead balloon?" Yeah, that's what I thought.
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    Where were you during my LSD phase?
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    Huh? But let me see. This might just be the 666th post in this forum. Let me check? Oh damn, missed it! Will have to give that one to M. Gaspar. Will have to settle for 667 then I guess. Oh well?
  7. Apr 10, 2003 #6
    Oh, do you mean Lucifer Satan and the Devil? Am not sure what your're getting at?

    By the way I was in the Philosophy forum and noticed your reply was the 665th in the God & Religion forum. And I thought, oh wouldn't that be something if I could sneak in a reply real quick but, I got beat out.

    And I got to thinking, that in the "spiritual sense," the natural world is portrayed as "the sea": i.e., "sea of humanity?" Whereas the "unconscious mind" is also portrayed by water. Therefore, is it possible that the "horizontal plane" of the cross represents the water level? Where everything below is represented by the number 666, and hence "the unconscious?" and everything above is represented by the number 667, and hence "consciousness?" Could it be 666 is the number of the "collective unconscious?"
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    Iacchus32: I've just had a mad thought....

    Are you by any chance Alexander?

    Or maybe his long lost evil twin?

    Just checking.
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    Nope, that’s not what I meant. Neither this;

    Last Stage of Delirium.

    What I meant was;

    d-lysergic acid diethylamide.
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    square dancing!
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    What do you mean? We could have been tripping out together or something?

    Were you looking at my avatar when this occurred to you? If you would like to understand what it means go to the thread "The Advent of Color" in this section (God & Religion).

    By the way that's a pretty sharp avatar you have there. Where did you get it? You didn't make it yourself did you?
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    Yes, or just me while you told me stuff.

    That was partly the reason. It does have that ‘psychedelic’ look. I often have a time trying to dig out your meaning and I thought that I might have more success if I had my 'mind expanded' haha.

    Thanks! I don’t remember where I got it from but I didn’t make it myself. Sometimes I go on little ‘scouting’ trips across the internet and forget where I’ve been afterwards. If I find something such as the avatar I save it to a folder (I have some very interesting ones). I like that in this version of PF we can upload our own avatars, providing the dimensions do not exceed 64x64 pixels. I use Ulead Gif Animator software to conform them to the proper size…very slick piece of software I might add.
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    That was the 700th post in this section by the way! Hey maybe we're all part of the 700 Club now! But then again, that would be 666!!? ... Huh?

    Oh, did you get a chance to check out "The Advent of Color?"

    Well hold on to your hats everyone, because here it comes!
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    Alexander vs Dionysus

    Are you referring to Alexander of Macedonia? There is a connection to be made by the way. It goes back to my "delusional period," after I bought a pickup truck from my next door neighbor "Alex" and moved up to Oregon from Califorina. After that I bought a mobile home and began experiencing problems with my new neighbors, and effectively went "mad" (lots of disturbances in the middle of the night), so I opted to move everything out into the sticks (the middle of nowhere). This was back in 1985.

    But this didn't help as much as I hoped, and soon after moving in I had a vision (in a dream) of my pickup truck in my next door neighbor's living room (across the road). Needless to say they were about to get introduced to my world of visions and revelations. Fortunately nobody was hurt, although I did get institutionalized for a month. (It took another three years to recover fully.) While at one point I equated myself with Alexander the Great (i.e., Alex sold me the truck), and I proclaimed myself as, "Sinned not-the-lamb" (it refers to my name spelled backwards and, that I'm not Jesus Christ), and I announced, "I have come to conquer the world!"

    While the whole thing centered around the stage I had created in my mind (like watching a movie almost) and claiming my neighbor's wife "through my embrace." By which I was to conquer the world and establish "my religion." Sound crazy?

    I had also wondered about my name, "Dennis," thinking it must have been Greek in origin and there must have been a Greek saint by that name. Well come to find out later that the name Dennis comes from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and, that the triumphs of Alexander were also equated with Dionysus--who, through the cultivation of the vine, conquered the world and established his religion.

    Whereas one of the strongest proofs for Dionysus' might and triumph in "his coming" was his marriage to the thing queen of Athens, by which he claims the king's wife "through his embrace." (Walter F. Otto, Dionysus, Myth and Cult).

    If that isn't enough, Dionysus was supposed to appear in Athens, after sailing across the Aegean sea, with his ship on wheels. He was also called the "twice-born god," after being born a second time from "Zeus' thigh," hence the "only begotten son of Zeus." Whereas both his appearance in Athens and his birth were celebrated during the ancient Greek festivals of "Anthesteria" which, occurred around March 2nd to the 4th.

    And guess what happened between March 2nd and March 4th in 1987? On March 2nd I had a lucid dream, where I found myself standing aboard an ancient Greek sailing vessel, sailing across the sea and into the night. And on March 4th I had driven my truck (same truck) from mother's house to a remote area about 50 miles away, where I parked and fell asleep, in the hopes that I would not wake up again. Such were the nature of the problems I was having with my mother, exacerbated of course by the bad experience with my neighbors above.

    While all that night I had dreams and visions, and at one point awoke to an incredible screeching noise, wailing in my ears! And I awoke and looked up to the sight of this newborn baby, which completely filled my vision before me! It was a breathtaking sight, and when this child cried he cried in such a demanding way (it was a boy), letting the whole world know he had just been delivered and required attending to. See any connection to Dionysus' rebirth? and, to a ship on wheels? (i.e., pickup truck). Pretty strange you say? Well this was the whole turning point for me and explains the nature of my book. Also note, I didn't know who Dionysus was until well after these things occurred.

    If you would like to read more about it please follow the link: http://www.dionysus.org/x0501.html
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    wow, that is one wild story; and i never though about that Dennis spelled backward thing before, that is pretty cool too.
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    Iacchus32, what is it with you and numbers? The fact that 1+1=2 is not a coincidence and holds no spiritual meaning. Its MATH.
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    Oh geeze, there's a lot to be said about numbers, in fact this is probably the most ignorant thing one could possibly say.

    Numbers are symbols, just like words are symbols, both of which are used to create language, by which we convey meaning.

    Can't you see the applied meaning to the numbers here?
  18. Apr 11, 2003 #17
    Do you believe that certain shapes do certain things?
  19. Apr 11, 2003 #18
    I believe that in the symbolic sense they represent things. Am not sure what you mean by what they "do?" On the physical plane probably nothing? And yet, when mind (1), body (2) and spirit (3) get together (doesn't that sound like the holy trinity thing again?--and hence the "spirtiual value" of the number 3), who's to say? Do you mean like invoking some kind of supernatural power?
  20. Apr 11, 2003 #19
    From previous PF 2.0 thread, Quarks and the collective unconscious ...

    Just as there are two sides to our brain, we can view numbers in a "rational sense" or, an "intuitive sense." It's too bad most left-brain intellectual types can't see that ...
  21. Apr 11, 2003 #20


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    Nyet! I mean the Alexander of PF2.0. His philosophy was similar to yours, but also completely different. He too believed in a mathematical basis to all existence, but developed this as wholly exclusive of spirituality. He considered mathematics as the backbone of the material world, a sort of background logic for things to occur....
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