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B Number of actual dimensions

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    I don't have a degree in Physics but studied it in secondary school and I was wondering , Can each point on a sphere be classed as another dimension in relative comparison to like a 1 dimension plane ,two dimension plane ect. ?
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    Mathematically, a sphere is a two-dimensional surface embedded in three-dimensional space. But, what has this to do with Quantum Physics?
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    I'm not an actual physicist and put the question up in the wrong thread and but I thought a Quantum Physicist might be able to answer me . Sorry for my postint in the wrong forum.
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    A plane, by definition is two dimensional, although in linear algebra there is a concept of a "hyperplane," an object of dimension one less than the space it is in. A line is one dimensional.
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    Maybe plane was the wrong word to say , dimension would be the most appropriate word to say maybe .
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