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Number of digit

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    Hello all,

    I wrote a C program to multiply a column of numbers (for eg., number will look like this 10.45618) with some constant...
    after multiplication i get the correct value (i tested using calculator).
    Now the output is 0.00005672 (i use %14.9lf) ..but i want them to display like this: 5.672E or D-5.
    E stands for 10.
    thanks for your help.
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    Check the documentation on format specifiers for printf. There are a lot of useful options, it would be good to know what's possible and know where to look things up -- so go googling!

    I think for your particular issue, you want 'e' or 'g' instead of 'f'; I don't remember which one.
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    It's e. g uses the shorter of the e vs. f formats.
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