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Number of Nails in Picture?

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    How many nails are in the picture? How did you arrive at this solution?

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    I guessed
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    Excellent guess. :)
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    amount of nails < infinity
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    Including expected, but not visible nails, between 1 000 and 100 000.
    The remaining uncertainty can be reduced by a [insert your favorite useless education here] student, ...
    ...weighting them (and a few individual nails). You don't want to wait until he counted them, right?
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    D H

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    That looks like about 5 pounds of 2" common nails, so 800-900 nails, depending on the manufacturer.
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    answer is zero nails. since op was asking for human nails. end thread/
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    best bet is 1600. Please count it!
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    D H

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    Don't you just hate these post and run kind of brain teasers?

    It's been two weeks since the person who posted the question last came back to the site.
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    I DON'T KNOW. However I will try a stupid approximation technique:

    Let N be the number of nails ,
    V be the average volume of the nail bulk, and u be the average volume of a single nail (at different orientations). Let l be the length of a single nail. Exclude the empty spaces between the nails!

    Identify the average shape of the nail bulk. Find u with respect to l (I.e. u = f(l) ). Find V with respect to l (I.e. V = g(l) ).

    Now Nu = V, so N = (V/u) = g(l)/f(l)
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