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Number Patterns!

  1. JamesU

    JamesU 745
    Gold Member

    I know that the game notpr0n has been posted here before, and I'm on stage 3 of level 79. I need to solve 2 number patterns:

    6, 5, 9, 10, 4, ?, 5


    501, 10, 999, 4, 1, ?, 11, 500

    I need to fill in the question marks :smile:
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  3. JamesU

    JamesU 745
    Gold Member

    well, no thanks to you, it turned out that the answers were 1 and 1001.
  4. I got the 1001 I just didnt get the 1

  5. 12

    Can anyone solve this?

    it is quite complicated :devil:

    Here is another one much(!) easier than the above lol

    4 19 1 22 22 25 19 ?

    Will give the answers later..If i were you i would first solve the bottom one...

    Err.. Yomamma
    can the above one be

    6, 9, 5, 10 , 4, ?, 5
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  6. Well... I am actually not THAT bad at solving number patterns, but I do not get the two yomamma mentioned! :(
    Can you tell me HOW you found out the right numbers?
    Now I am going to look at the patterns ExecNight gave...
  7. I got no idea for all the puzzle, can some one help me?
  8. Here is the answer to ONE of the Number PAttern questions i asked,

    in White;

    i just realized the bottom question is wrong jesus...after so much checking.....
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  9. Write down the numbers in roman numerals! ;-)
  10. I don't get it.
  11. jeytimes means write down the numbers in roman numerals and note that with an appropriate choice for the missing number they form a palindrome.
  12. Numbers

    how do you find the nth term in this pattern. its impossible

    8, 13, 16, 9

    or perhaps

  13. hi, anybody can help with this number pattern?
    I'm desperate here!!


    what is the nth term?
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