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Homework Help: Number Sequence Problem

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    Number Sequence Problem....

    The Question is:

    The "n"th term of a sequence, S, is n^3 +2
    The first four terms are 3, 10, 29 and 66.

    i, Find The fifth term of S.

    ii, The first four terms of another sequence, T, are 4,12, 32 and 70
    By Comparing S and T, write down

    a, The Fifth term of T.
    b, an expression, in terms of n, for nth term of T.

    Please help... me in this.... i tried to figure out ii, part but i failed... couldn't able to find the fifth term and an expression... Help me cos my Math paper is on 15th may!! also, provide an explanation for your answer.! thanks!!
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    It looks like this is a homework problem, if so you are posting in the wrong forum. Hint what is the sequence [tex]A_n = S_n - T_n[/tex] for n = 1,2,3,4 ? , also what is 4^3+2 equal to?
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    The problem said "By comparing S and T.

    The first terms of S and T are 3 and 4
    The second terms are 10 and 12
    The third terms are 29 and 32
    The fourth terms are 66 and 70

    Do you see the difference?

    What do you need to add to each term of S to get T?
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