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Numbered balls and replacement

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    we have numbered balls in a bag from 1 to 10. We put our hand and take one. Let the number of X be the first number of the ball. Replace the ball into the bag again and takes another ball at random. Let the number of Y the number of the second ball.

    IF Z =max{X, Y}.

    we want to find P(Z=9)

    First of all i used the type (n+k-1)c(k) because we replace the ball again and i found this (8)c(55) but its says tha its not correct answer, what i am doing wrong?
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    There are 17 possible ways you choose 2 balls with replacement such that Z=max(X,Y)=9. The number of all possible ways you choose 2 balls with replacement is 100. Now you should be able to find the answer.
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