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Numbers puzzle

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    numbers puzzle....

    Mr X catches 7000 fish appox from a sea.When he lines up the fish in rows of 9 three remain.
    These three fish are thrown.He then lines up the remaining fish in rows of 10.THis time two fish remain and again they are thrown in the sea.Finally he lines up the remaining fish in rows of 11 and no fish remain .How many fish were there in the beginning...I know its a common puzzle but im not able to come up with a solution.a mathematical solution would be appreciated..
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    Re: numbers puzzle....

    Outline of the solution:
    The number of fish x = 9n+3 = 110m+5 for natural numbers m, n. Assuming error of 3%, m is between 62 and 65. Hence, there are 6825 fish since 9 divides 110 m + 2 at m = 62.
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