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Numbers (via Radiolab)

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    Radiolab is a radio show broadcast on public radio stations across the United States. This week's Radiolab was titled Numbers.

    This Numbers podcast discusses
    • how numbers affect our daily lives,
    • how infants intuitively perceive numbers (logarithmically), and how children eventually learn to count,
    • how in normal, everyday life, most numbers start with the digit '1', less frequently '2', even less frequently '3', and so on to the least frequently '9' (Benford's law); and how that can be used to detect fraud,
    • a bit about Paul ErdÅ‘s, a mathematician who essentially gave up his home and most of his possessions to live temporarily with other mathematicians as he collaborated with each of them,
    • and a story about a correspondence between a mathematician and his former teacher.

    If you have an hour, it's well worth a listen. If you missed it, you can hear the streaming podcast from the link below:

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    Great show! I listen to it a lot and especially like it when Oliver Sacks is a guest.
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