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Homework Help: Numeric Integration

  1. Jan 3, 2010 #1
    hi all :-)

    http://www.uploadfileyou.com/files/lwjl1z1nhlwg678w6bvy.jpg [Broken]

    And now translated (poorly):
    It is required to develop an integration method to calculate (1) so that (1) would be accurate for every even polynomialfrom the order of 4n+1 and down.
    A. explain how to choose integraion junctions Xi (i=1->n) and the coefficients Bi (i=0->n).
    B. calculate Xi, Bi for n=1
    C. write the error expression E
    D. using (1) with the results for case B calculate the given integral (as shown)
    E. calculte the actual error

    I'm having trouble in the beginning, I cant seem to understand whats going on even though I solved other problems in this topic.
    can anyone help me? i think once I solve cases A and B ill figure out the rest by myself :)

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