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Homework Help: Numerical Analysis

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    This thread belongs to the homework section (do not repost though, the moderators will move it).

    In order to get help, you need to show some efforts.
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    I've moved this to the homework section.

    First question: Find the root of the equation [itex]x^3- 3x+ 1= 0[/itex] by iteration method (six decimal place accuracy).

    There are a number of "iteration methods". Are you referring to a particular one? Why don't you select some starting value and show us how you would start the iteration? Also, this equation has 3 real roots. Which one do you mean by "the" root?

    Second question: Use the method of Regula Falsi (method of false position) to solve the equation [itex]j(x)= e^x- 3x[/itex]. (Only six iterations are required, accuracy to 4 decimal places.)

    First, was this exactly what the problem says? I don't see an equation, just a function- unless "j(x)" has some meaning you didn't mention.

    What is "Regula Falsi"?
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