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Numerical calculating of the intensity distribution of coherent radiation in the

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    Hello, All.
    I'm a student.
    I have a problem. I need numerically calculate of the intensity distribution of the full coherent radiation in the spatial filter(cylindrical geometry) (Katron's scheme).

    Input data:
    Focal length of lenses F = 1 (m)
    Length of the wave of radiation Lambda = 10-6 (m)
    The size of a crack on an entrance lens b = 0.01 (m)

    And it is specified, that the spatial filtration is made on 1,2,3 maximum and minimum.

    My questions:
    1. What is the formulation of this questions?Can i use theory of Fraunhofer diffraction?
    2. What is the plane where i need to calculate the intensity(May be Fourier plane)?

    Thank you very match.
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