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NUmerical GR:

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    Hello could someone give some info about the "Numerical solution" to GR...is this a field of "Computational Physics"?..

    - What i know is that you take the Hyper-surface, and you " split " it into triangles..and use the ¿angles? of every triangle as finite-coordinates..then you get a problem with finite degrees of freedom...but What happens with the metric, Riemann Tensor Energy-momentum tensor in this discrete space-time?..could you use discrete espace but continous time so the usual Einstein Lagrangian becomes a finite one in the form:

    [tex] L(q_i ,\dot q_i ,t) [/tex] so it's easier to "Quantize" than the continous one?..

    - Main questions: how do you define [tex] g_{ab} [/tex] [tex] R_{ab} [/tex] and other quantities into a finite "triangularized" surface..thanks :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Look up "Regge Calculus".
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    I was afraid of this answer... :cry: :cry: i have looked it up in "Wikipedia" and "Arxiv.org" but i don't see or can't understand the explanation...or how you recover the Riemann Tensor in the end....
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