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Numerical integration help!

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    I want to integrate a function in 3D space, and then plot the integrated function, to compare with my analytical solution, I am using Fortran 90, I have no problem integrating, I am just not sure how I can plot the resulting function out. I am currently thinking about piecewise integration, using small intervals with only 1 trapezium, where I take each trapezium, find its area and divide by dx(its height) to give the average value of the 2 bases, which I am approximating as the value of the function.

    I would be grateful if someone could share some insights on this problem.

    must appreciated. TheIsingGuy
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    Thanks. I have figured it out anyways. I already knew about the recipes book and NAG libraries but what I had in about 8 lines of code it took them about 2 pages...
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