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Numerical method needed for the following system of ODEs

  1. Jan 16, 2009 #1
    I am required to solve the following system of ODEs numerically. Could someone suggest an appropriate methodology. These equations are phenomenological equations derived from irreversible thermodynamics. I have to solve for the flux terms given on the L.H.S. The coefficients of differentials on the R.H.S are constants and are known.

    J_q= -L_11/T dT/dx-L_12 (dμ_HCL)/dx-L_13 ((d∅)/dx)
    J_HCL= -L_21/T dT/dx-L_22 (dμ_HCL)/dx-L_23 ((d∅)/dx)
    j= -L_31/T dT/dx-L_32 (dμ_HCL)/dx-L_33 ((d∅)/dx)
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