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Numerical Methods book

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    I am a geology major interested in groundwater modeling. Currently taking ordinary differential equations, and I'll be in a computational numerical methods course for engineers next fall. Here is the course description..

    "Introduction to numerical methods for environmental engineering analysis, design and resource management using the Fortran 95 programming language."

    I know Fortran, so I think the next thing I need is to learn numerical methods. Some of the material for this course involves error analysis with bounds, and the Runge-Kutta method.

    Does anyone know of a good book that would introduce me to numerical methods?
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    Numerical Recipes in C is available online in its entirety here:


    - Warren
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    Current books only re-use methods of classics'. School library would be my choice if I were you.
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    I'd like to get the text for the class from the library, but it's checked out. Nr.com is awesome, exactly what I think I need. Thanks!
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    Those online versions of NR don't have the source code with them though - is there a resource for this on the net, or would that break copyright...
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    Numerical analysis in Guam is for 3th year students. very simple on file reading, into matrix, calculate average, solve simple differnteal equation (dy=x^2dx), Newton/RKutta.

    So reading thatlinks is enough understan calculating
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    we are teached topology, and number theory, then progam with number theory.
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