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Homework Help: Numerical methods mcqs

  1. Jul 29, 2010 #1
    some one help me to solve these questions.

    1. The order of convergence of Newton-Raphson Method is
    a) at least one b) at most two c) at least there d) four e) none of these.

    2. Newton-Raphson Method fails to find the root of f(x)=0 if:
    a) f'(x) > 0 b) f(x)< 0 c) f'(x) = 0 d) f'(x) <0 e) non of these.

    3. the fixes point iteration method defined in the form Xn+1 = g(Xn) converges of:
    a) g'(x)>1 b) g'(x) =1 c) g'(x)>1 d) g'(x)=0 e) None of these

    4. Jacobi Method for system of linear equations has convergence:
    a) faster than SOR method b) faster than Gauss_siedel c) faster than Newton's method d)slower than Gauss-siedel e) none of these
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    I presume you have read the rules for this forum- which you were supposed to have read before you registered. If so, you know that you must show what you have tried before asking for help. I don't see that here.
  4. Jul 31, 2010 #3
    well .... the questions are typically related to theory of the topics.
    so the guess may works. .
    1. i dont have idea

    2. i think its f'(x)=0 bcoz if the derivative is zero newtons-raphson will not approach to infinity

    3. none of these coz for iteration to converge it must have decreasing derivatives

    4. faster than gauss-seidel...

    am i right ... kindly suggest
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