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Homework Help: Numerical methods

  1. Dec 5, 2005 #1
    The data \below gives the list of values for [itex] f(x) = e^{0.1x^2} [/itex]
    Approximate f(1.25) by using H5 (1.25) and H3 (1.25) wqhere H5 uses nodes x0 =1, x1 =2, x2 = 3. and H3 uses nodes x0=1, x1 = 1.5
    Find error bounds for those approximations

    this questio nand its data table is given in question on this link

    So first i have to find the lagrange polynomials
    But hwat does it mean [itex] L_{2,0} (x) [/itex] or [itex] L_{2,1) (x) [/itex]
    im sorry im asking such an elementary question because my text book is not specific at all and all web searches yield info that is not useful to solving this

    Please help me on this. Also can you have a look at number 4. How would i do tha. Similarly ik now i have to find Sj. But how iw Sj defined? So suppose i were to find S0 then Xj in this case is 0? How do you find aj bj and so on however? Please help! I really need to able to solve this...

    Thank you for your help!
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