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Numerical Quantum Gravity

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    i found this in my wandering in google:
    http://pdg.cecm.sfu.ca/~warp/papers/essay/essay.html [Broken]
    can someone explain to me this approach of quantum gravity in simple terms?
    i think it has to do with simulations of quantum gravity at the planck level, am i correct?
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    From what I have understood it is a quantum compuational approach and you need lots of informaton computationally to describe exact the picture of what is going on GR in terms of comological events

    One thing that comes to mind is LIGO analysis of the information coming from the detectors. This is a quite a store house of information that has to correspond. Many detectors(space based and earth based) measuring for the same event detection.


    This might help get your mind around the problem? :smile:

    This has been part of the question for quantum computational factors that have been very interesting for me in what is being done at PI and other places.

    So this leads us to the question of how such a approach computationally help in this direction.

    Introduction to Cryptology

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    One has to imagine the amount of energy.

    How would you computationally discribe the tree structure reductionism has supplied for us to consider?

    LQG comparison in Glast considerations triggered some response in my own mind, but I found limitations.

    Consider the thread Marcus started here, and you will undertand the quantum issues that need a process for discerning this nature. The LQG perspective is very telling to me. They are carrying a torch in a specific area.

    Strings from this perspective has to account for that missing energy :smile: Cosmologically this makes it much easier? Blackhole cosmologically or blackhole in collider. It's really the same issue for strings?
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