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B Numerical solution to GRT problems?

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    Can anyone recommend a good textbook or article for numerically solving general relativity problems? Say for a planet orbiting a pair of binary stars, or even for the sun and Jupiter in our solar system?
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    The following is very good, and more worked out than a textbook.

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    Thanks but my browser (FireFox) refuses to go to that site. Says it is "unsecured" or something. Is there any way you could attach that pdf for me? Thanks!
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    Found a much better link, via arxiv, to the same notes:


    I should point out that the author is considered a top expert in numerical relativity.
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    I should add that full numeric relativity is needed only for strong gravity regimes like inspiral of black holes and/or neutron stars. For nearly Newtonian situations, you use PPN methods; these are fully adequate for the situations you mention. A description of these methods is found in chapter 3 of:


    with many references from there.

    The following, by the same author is another good starting point:

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