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Numerically evaluating an equation

  1. Jul 20, 2009 #1
    i have the following equation:

    e^-p (dp/dx) = v*(h/(h-h0)^3)

    i have h0 and values for h for x = -1 to -2 i thought i could use trapz in matlab... but then i have the e^-p... how do i deal with that?

    This is the data i am currently working with:
    The explicit expression for h = h(x) is extremely hard to integrate and i don't think would be worth the effort. Can i do this with trapz?

    x = -2:0.001:-1
    h is calculated using an equation that is extremely hard to integrate.
    if i run the x values through i get data like:
    h = [2e-4, 3e-4, 3.2e-4....]
    i have a value of h0
    and i know that p(-inf) = 0
    I also know the value of v

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