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Numerically Solve

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    I need to solve this implicit function of the catenary


    how do i Do this in mathematica?
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    FindRoot[k==Cosh[k/Sqrt[k^2-1]], {k,guess}]
    Where guess is a guess of the answer.
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    If you do a :
    Plot[{k, Cosh[k/Sqrt[(k^2 - 1)]]}, {k, 0, 4}]

    You can get an approximate guess to use lurflurf's suggestion, for the two roots.
    FindRoot[Cosh[k/Sqrt[k^2 - 1]] - k, {k, 0.6}]
    FindRoot[Cosh[k/Sqrt[k^2 - 1]] - k, {k, 2}]
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