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Nusselt number over time

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    Hi everybody

    I built a cavity model in Ansys in order to modelling natural convection heat transfer inside a heat exchanger. But I do not know how to export Nusselt number over time. I need to see how it varies while time passing. Please help me. I know that from Reports part of software I can extract Nusselt number though it is just for one specific time. I need to show its variation versus time.
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    Can you export h, the convection coefficient, as a function of time? If so then you have your Nusselt number because presumably k and L are fixed.
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    Thank you boneh3ad.

    At first I want to check my procedure of exporting nusselt number whether it is true or false:

    Reports>Report type>Area-Weighted Average
    Field Variable>Wall Fluxes>Surface Nusselt Number

    Every time I want to check the nusselt number, I should do the above procedure.

    For convection coefficient (h) is the same. I can not draw it over time. I think there should be some method to export Nu or h versus time. Please help me to find it.
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    do you using the transient solve for the this problem, and how much is the total time duration and how much is time step?

    For transient solving, you can load the time section(certain times of time step) result and plot the result such as H or Nusselt
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    Thank you chaos_zzy.

    What do you mean by "load the time section(certain times of time step) result"?

    I want to see the variation of Nusselt number with time. So I should get the nusselt number for every time step (or any other specific time step which I can adjust).

    If you have any idea, please send me.
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