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Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti?

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    Read on a tech website that the next big release of graphics cards from Nvidia is going to be the GTX 980 Ti and should launch sometime in Q2 2015.

    Should I wait until the Ti edition of the GTX 980, or should I go ahead and buy the regular 980?

    The 980 is only about 5-10% faster than the 780 Ti, but is much more energy efficient and compatible with DX12, which is why they are making a pumped-up version of the 980 to appease the enthusiast GPU market.

    Have any technical details about these new cards been released?
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    Doug Huffman

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    The drivers are proprietary.

    If you run a linux OS, keeping up with nVidia drivers is a PITA, broke my latest version change two weeks ago.

    CPU grafix sux.
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    I'm using Windows 7 HP 64-bit

    And for some reason, I no longer receive automatic updates telling me if there are new drivers for me to download.
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