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NYC Chemistry Regents Electron Configuration

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    Well, I have to find the electron configuration of ions. Relatively simple. But since I don't know how to do it, it's hard.

    I've seen some past chemistry regents electron configurations and that's too complicated for me. I'm talking about e.c. like 2-8-2. That sort of electron configuration.

    I need help on how to find out the electron configuration of cations and anions.

    Does it have to do with removing electrons, like from 2-8-2 to 2-8-1.

    Consider F- or H-. Or H2+. Since my computer can't do this, the -'s and +'s are like subsets. Smaller and on the top right corner.

    EDIT: How do you tell if the electron configuration represents electrons in an excited state? Like how is 2-7-2 in an excited state? The one less electron?
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