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Nylon 5-12

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    Can anyone tell me how to draw the structure of nylon 5-12 or what site could help me with this?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Borek,

    I did googled and Wiki nylon 5-12, I found the structure for nylon 6-10 and it has pentamethylene diamine and sebacic acid, but I'm confused about both to even know what should be added or removed for nylon 5-12.

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    So you have to reread wiki article, as it precisely and unambiguously explains what these numbers mean.
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    Man, I'd hate to be working in a plant that makes 5-10! The diamine, 1,5-pentanediamine, is also known as cadaverine. Cadaverine is a decomposition product of proteins (and Nylon 5-10, BTW) and smells like cadaver or Casey Anthony's trunk!

    Probably not as bad as Nylon 4-10 though. It's diamine is 1,4-butanediamine and is known as putrescine, also derived from the decomposition of proteins and nylon 4-XX.
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