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Nything beyond the known universe boundaries?

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    From all of the universies we have recorded or charted is there anything beyond that. Is there just more universes or just matter.
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    Probably more universe is beyond our visible universe. That is, matter, galaxies, stars, etc.
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    Just as a clarification, by definition there is only one universe that we know of. And by definition anything outside of it is not observable. Do you mean "galaxies"?
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    Indeed. Now, it is possible that this
    goes on to infinity or that it "curves in"
    on itself and you return to your
    original location. It is also
    possible there is a "limmit" but since
    the exapnsion is faster than c - you
    can never reach it.

    Live long and prosper.
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    one possable explanation for the accelleraration of expanshion, is stuff outside our big bang bubble pulling our stuff outward ever faster
    this requires other big bangs outside of ours
    but many think a big bang is a local event
    so why not many instead of only one.

    btw this requres NO NEW FORCES to account for the accellaration or new laws
    to be formed

    and makes mans place smaller in the general scheme once again
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