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NYU is ranked #1 in applied mathematics for graduate school

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    I know NYU is ranked #1 in applied mathematics for graduate school. But how is its undergraduate mathematics program? Can students take classes at the Courant Institute. Is it up to par with the graduate school?

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    anyone have any comments or feedback?

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    no idea

    But ask people at the courant institute if they have undergrads involved in some research that you may be interested in getting involved with. It be worth it too work with some of those folks
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    well i just looked at their website and it looks pretty strong.

    the faculty includes such famous names as bogomolov, mckean, cheeger, gromov, cappell, tschinkel.

    i do not know if they are all active, but probably the younger people are also very strong.

    anywhere the professors are that strong, the courses they teach are probably also excellent.

    they say explicitly in the descri-tion of their honors program that graduate courses are possible for honors undergraduates.

    you really need to ask their faculty and advisors these questions, but how can you go wrong at such a fine place?

    basically anyone in this country can get an education at almost any reasonable school in the uS that offers more than they can handle.

    just be agressive, and go after whatever is available wherever you are.
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