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NYU vs CUNY Schol, Math Masters

  1. Mar 8, 2012 #1
    For a masters in mathematics (most likely concentrating on Pure Math course) I'm deciding on whether to go to a school like NYU vs a school like Queens College or any other CUNY or SUNY school.

    My question is really, is it worth the cost for the name? Classes at NYU are about 4k per and QC are about 1/4 that. I don't know what my ultimate goal will be with the degree, and from what I've gathered from professors and advisors I've spoken with my options will open up the more I learn about the field. Though right now were you to ask what my dream job would be I would probably say to teach a couple of classes at a university and work for them doing research (following in the footsteps of a young professor I know who has become a friend).

    Some important information to know about my situation is: I'm 30 years old, recently engaged, have a BA in Economics, had a good job in the Finance field at a very reputable company, and now work in Real Estate Development. For the last 2 years I've worked to complete the "essential" courses to even consider applying for a masters, e.g. Calc I, II, and III (multivariable), Linear Algebra, and a Mathematical Proofs course. I intend to spend 1 more year loading up on undergrad courses before applying, taking such courses as Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Point Set Toplology, Functions of a Real Variable and Discrete Mathematics, possibly probability. (although my schedule is not set in stone).

    My job is very flexible, as I now work for family not a stiff brokerage firm, so cutting back my hours to focus on my studies shouldn't be a problem (my pay would be cut too of course, but I've factored that in).

    To tell you the truth, I couldn't even come close to affording NYU at this stage in my life, however, were I to be accepted my family may POSSIBLY help me out, but let's not go with personal family history hypotheticals here.

    Bottom line, I'd just like to know if the $$$ is worth it in the end. I don't mean really the education... I think education is what you get out of it (Sure, I attend my classes, but I also spend much of my free time studying other topics or learning more than what my classes teach), but will a degree from NYU open many more doors (work, acceptance to phd programs) than a degree from QC.

    I tend to elaborate a little too much on my posts, sorry this was a long one....though if you somehow need any more info let me know!

    thanks guys!
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