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O level Physics help / BURMA?

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    O level Physics help / BURMA!??


    I have been teaching O level GCSE Physics here for 3 months. We have little contacts for rescources, I wonder if I could make contact with another person teaching this , maybe in UK or Singapore?

    I use a book from Singapore, I think,written by See Tho Weng Fong/Loo Wamn Yong for which I have no answer sheets, and also other similar rescources for which I have no answers. Most are pretty easy to calculate but sometimes I need another opinion.

    Also I know little about how this course is taught in other places, and it would just be nice to have a knowledgeable teacher to contact once in a while.

    RonGrant in Yangon

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    Im not a teacher, but you can pm me questions to check if you want. (University Student - Mechanical Engineering)
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    Thanks but I need someone who is familiar with the syllabus, AND they crazy way Asians sometimes word the questions...Ron
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    then Im out.
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